Early Work on the Crockett – Framing, Bow and Planking 2005-2007

The Deltaville Maritime Museum acquired the F.D. Crockett in September of 2005 as a donation from a descendent of one of the original builders.  When the Crockett was towed to the Deltaville Boatyard on Jackson Creek up the bay from Poquoson, even the people who loved her shook their heads at her condition.  Old shirts and greasy rags had been stuffed between her leaky planks to keep her from sinking, although her majestic lines were still visible beneath the decaying wood. Sometimes men fall in love at first sight—and a boat with this much beauty left in her deserved to be restored.

delivery of the FD Crockett


Then floor timbers were replaced with new oak timbers, and new frames were installed to preserve the shape of the boat.From 2005 through 2007, extensive work was done toward restoring the Crockett. One of the first tasks was to construct a temporary canopy over the boat so that the deteriorating decks could be removed.

A new sheer plank was constructed in the boat shop of longleaf Georgia pine.




During the winter of 2007, the boat went to Chesapeake Marine Railway where the bow was reconstructed. Deteriorated wood was removed and new, laminated “chunks” were installed, using both modern techniques and age old methods of construction–newly named strip chunk construction.





During summer, back at the museum dock, deck beams were added and much of the planking above the waterline was completed.







Then the boat was taken back to the railway for work on the stern.


Originally published by Vera England on 25 Nov 2009. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from http://deltavilleva.com/museumpark/ to http://deltavillemuseum.com/

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