Completion of the Crockett’s Fantail Stern

In January of 2008, the Crockett was taken back to Chesapeake Marine Railway, with patches of plywood showing at the waterline where the planking had not yet been completed.








The old, deteriorated horn timber was removed.








A new one was laminated to the dimensions of the old.








Then the new horn timber was put back into the stern. 2008_2D00_2_2D00_6-New-horn-timber-in-place-and-tied-to-log-bottom







The new sheer plank, which had been constructed the year before, was fitted to the new horn timber. The stern was then “strip-chunked” up to the chine, just as had been done with the bow the year before. These new chunks joined into the original stern chunks and logs. 2008_2D00_3_2D00_13-Bent-sheer-plank-tied-into-horn-timber---and-planking-begun

Next, work progressed to the side planking and the upper portions of the stern.  As in the bow and the sides, the stern was double-planked heart pine. The aftermost portion of the planking was laminated and tied into the horn timber and the sheer plank with epoxy. 2008_2D00_4_2D00_11-Laminating-planking-into-fantail-stern







Originally published by Vera England on 25 Nov 2009. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved to

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