Cruising back home – with a side trip to the edge of the Bay

On April 20 the FD Crockett once again was ready to head back to the museum. As John started the engine, Crocketteers and Captain Bill Powell untied lines and fended off of the dock at Chesapeake Marine Railway. Crockett001Gieg550
Photo by Bill Gieg

Then, in the first installment on the payback for the thousands of hours of restoration effort, John England and the Crocketteers took a short cruise up the Piankatank, past Gwynn's Island, and for the first time in four and half years, took the FD Crockett back towards the open water of the Bay. John steered through lines of crab pots, opened the throttle, and felt the boat glide through the water with her hull barely leaving a wake.

Photo by Bill Gieg

On our return to the mouth of the Piankatank, the Ward Brothers tug Captain Johnny led the way back into Jackson Creek.


Then, as we entered Mill Creek, Fred and Johnny awaited the shallow waters at the entrance …

CIMG2647550 … So they could go to work as highly efficient "bow thrusters."

Safely past the marshes, the Crockett cruised back up Mill Creek …

Photo by Bob Walker

… and headed back toward the museum docks …

Photo by Bob Walker.

… where John England and the Crocketteers (Fred, Johnny, Gordon and Don) agreed that it had all been worth the work!!!!! CIMG2652550

Originally published by Vera England on 27 Apr 2010. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved to

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