Progress – and Thanks!

DSC_0453 On Mill Creek Bob Walker for Blog





Photo by Bob Walker

Plans are underway to ready the F. D. Crockett for her first trip. The end of July Reedville is hosting a Buyboat rendezvous. In preparation for this trip, we thank our friends at Deltaville Boatyard for having completed the design and installation of the fuel system. The only thing left is to add fuel.  Also, thanks to Bubby Crown, the engine instrument panel and starting circuits are complete.  In progress  are the design and installation of the shore power, navigational lighting and bilge pumps. With these systems complete, the Crockett will be ready for a safe voyage to Reedville.  This week’s Southside Sentinel graciously printed our Wish List, which is being updated as generous donors make contributions of the equipment needed to round out the essentials.  Thanks to Harry Wells for  our GPS and most of our safety equipment.  Jerry Latell of Ullman Sails has been measuring for the canopy, and donating his labor; Prewitt Scripps, a buyboat fan from Stanton, is donating the materials. He has also donated a good start on the deck lines and plans to give the cushion for the pilot house. Kyle Jenkins gave us a depth finder, and an anonymous donation provided the VHS radio.  Thanks to the County of Middlesex,  the boat will be proudly flying the Virginia and Middlesex County flags. Details on other donations are ongoing. Thank you, thank you to all these F.D. Crockett supporters! What a wonderful example of community  effort! Your generosity, no matter how much the amount or the means, is what helps this beautiful boat get closer to the goal of sailing once again on the bay to represent the museum and the era of these large bay vessels.

On board the boat, the Crocketteers have been working on the toe rails and other projects.  Also, while John has been off doing other things,  the boat shop was host to 90 first graders on a field trip.  Thanks to Don Burnett & Fred Jones, each student left with their very own wooden sailboat.  Don & Fred pre-cut the kits; the students decorated their sails, and hammered the mast into the boat, all in 20 minutes.  John McQueen took time off from working on the Crockett to tell the Crockett story. Check out the pictures of the field trip at

Originally published by Vera England on 15 June 2010. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from to

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