Toe Rails, Bulwarks, and Electrical Spaghetti

During these hot still days the Crocketteers have been hard at work on the toe rails. John shaped them in the boatshop, and he, Fred, Johnny and Gordon have been installing them on the boat. John has finally had time to take a few pictures.

DSCN3828 Installing toe rails reduced








Here they have built up the bulwarks at the bow of the boat.

DSCN3819  bulwark built up reduced








The bulwarks are shaped back into the toe rail.

DSCN3821 Bulwark blending to toe rail reduced

DSCN3822 bulwark shaped back to toe rail reduced



















And then the bulwarks are faired (shaped and smoothed).

DSCN3823 bulwark faired in reduced









Holes for the hawse pipes have been cut in the bow.

DSCN3832 Holes for hawse pipes in bulwarks reduced








The crew has had to time the painting of the new work when it isn’t so hot that paint dries on the brush.

DSCN3833 hawse pipe holes in bulwark reduced








While the rest of the Crocketteers have been sweltering outside in the sun (but with an occasional breeze) Chuck has been baking in the pilot house, making electrical spaghetti (with a fan!). The newly installed electrical panels look good … but behind the scenes … he’s still got some work to do!

DSCN3825 Electrical panels installed reduced

DSCN3836 Electrical spagetti behind the panels reduced
















The new overhead light in the wheelhouse looks great!

DSCN3826 Overhead light installed in wheelhouse reduced








And at the end of the day, John has taken a moment to admire the reflection of the F.D. Crockett at the museum dock.

DSCN3847  reflections reduced










Originally published by Vera England on 1 July 2010. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from to

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