First Fill-up!

Today the Crocketteers waited for high tide and headed over to Deltaville Marina on Jackson Creek to fill ‘er up for the first time. All went well as she took on 180 gallons of diesel. Prior to departure all of the electrical systems were tested. The navigational lighting was checked out, along with the search light and deck lights. On deck all but the aft section of the toe rails have been installed and painted. She’s getting ready now! The tarp is the old one that covered the guys up when they were laying the decks–it’s providing a little shade in this 100 degree weather — they are hoping to have the new canopy soon.











We expect to have one or two more sea trials before heading out the end of the month to the Buyboat Rendezvous in Reedville.

Originally published by Vera England on 6 July 2010. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from to

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