The Buyboat Reunion in Reedville

CIMG2926SunrisefromBiddlecombdock550 This was a particularly beautiful sunrise for the buyboat reunion (as seen from Fred Biddlecomb's dock in Fairport). Our first night included a wonderful dinner hosted by the Fishermen's Museum and their board of directors. Sound effects were also included, in the form of a violent thunderstorm. All is calm the next day for visitors to board the boats docked all along the fingers of Cockrell's Creek.

A cruise around the creek finds the Ellen Marie of Urbanna and the PE Pruitt of Rock Hall MD docked together.


The F.D. Crockett is tied alongside the Mundy Point at George Butler's Railway.


How about another restoration project? Any takers?


The Delvin K of Tangier, the Nellie Crockett and the Muriel Eileen, both of Georgetown, MD, and the Propwash of Dumfries (hidden behind Delvin K) are all docked at the Crazy Crab.


The young crew of the Muriel Eileen plans a raid in the "Ferocious Frankie," a miniature PT boat built by David Rollins.


Fred checks on the Samuel Bailey of Bushwood, MD and the Thomas J from the Chester River.


Four buyboat sterns together: the F.D. Crockett and three by Gilbert White: Mundy Point, Dudley, and Elva C, with Fred Biddlecomb's skiff alongside.


Bill Powell and his father Allan are welcomed to the Crockett by Johnny McQueen.


As dusk approaches, the buyboats are visible tied up at the docks across the creek in Reedville.


Originally published by Vera England on 30 August 2010. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved to

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