Wishing and Hoping: Things that are needed to make the Crockett operational

Under Power by Marge Goettle 4-2010

Equipment Wish List for the F.D. Crockett

as of Sept 16, 2010

After 5 years of work, the Crocketteers are at the point where wood and hard labor aren’t enough to do what needs to be done. Since a lot of people have been asking, they’ve made a list of some of the specific items that the boat needs for completion. We would appreciate donations of new or gently used equipment. Please contact the museum at 804 776-7200 if you are interested in donating a particular item.

Thanks to all those who have donated generously over the past months. The items still needed are listed below.

Items still needed:

  • Chesapeake Bay Chart Book
  • Cushions for Pilot House  by Pruitt Scripps
  • Pressure tank and regulator for air compressor. Let’s hear the horn blow!
  • Life Ring with bracket
  • “Fortress” Anchor 32lb.
  • Dock Lines 3/4” Several donated thanks to Prewitt Scripps. Can use more
  • Fenders (Many, Large still needed)
  • Deck Chairs with Rubber Feet (2 donated by John Coe; need a couple more)
  • Toilet: Self-Contained
The following are already on the boat! Thanks to our donors!
Cleats 12”-15” Open Base 4 Bolt
donated by Ron Turner–along with the horn, spotlight, the wheel–and lots of stuff from the original Crockett!
30 Amp Battery Charger
VHF Radio and Antenna
donated anonymously
Depth Finder
donated– thanks to Kyle Jenkins
GPS System
donated–Thanks to Harry Wells of Irvington!
Log Book
thanks to Prewitt Scripps-
Flags: Virginia and Middlesex County 24”x36”
donated by the County of Middlesex
Air Compressor for Horn 12 Volt
donated by Buddy Wyker
Canopy over Boom
In the works-Labor donated by Jerry Latell of Ullman Sails; materials by Prewitt Scripps of Stanto
Hubbell Electrical Receptacle and Extension Cord
Safety Equipment: Thanks to Harry Wells
Lifejackets for Crew: 2 Inflatable donated
Flares: 1 set of 4 donated
Fire Extinguishers: 3 donated

Originally published by Vera England on 19 September 2010. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from http://deltavilleva.com/museumpark/ to http://deltavillemuseum.com/

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