Our First Urbanna Oyster Festival

The F.D. Crockett has been so busy that we haven't had time to write about our adventures! After the Poquoson Seafood Festival in October (our return to the Crockett's original home, where we were welcomed with open arms), we got ready to make our first trip to the Urbanna Oyster Festival on November 5 & 6, 2010. We got off to an early start early that week: a cold windy morning with a beautiful sunrise as we rounded Stingray Point. But also at Stingray Point we had the wind NE about 25 with 4 ft. seas. Those pictures will have to remain in your imagination, as the crew was safely in the pilot house as the boat heaved through the waves; but the boat handled well.

The winds had died by the time we tied up at Urbanna Town Marina 3 hours later giving John time to check out the leaks where the cotton had heaved out from between the logs from the pounding around Stingray Point.

But it was still cold when we set up the exhibits for the festival.

(Photo by Bob Walker)

We had plenty of visitors to come on board: our neighbor, the Godspeed, counted 2300.

(Photo by Bob Walker)

Among them were the "Crockett Girls," the original owner F.D. Crockett's great granddaughters and their mom.

Sunday morning after the festival, not quite so early, we headed back to Deltaville.

Another cold windy day; a little rough when we left Urbanna Creek, but as we got down the river the wind was behind us, so we didn't have to plow through it like we did on the trip up…..

we headed back under the bridge

Captain John surveys the decks on the leeward side of the pilot house.

We caught up to the Godspeed, which had left an hour or two before us.

And we traded a few pictures. These two are from Eric Speth, the Godspeed's Captain (and runner up in the Amateur Oyster Shucking Contest)

The winds settled down as we got even further down the river …

… making it a pleasant ride with the winds behind us as we passed the Godspeed, rounding her stern for another photo opportunity.

As we reached the bay we had a sleigh ride around Stingray Point, but cruised back into Mill Creek with nary a ripple.

Chuck McGhinnis returning
(Photo by Chuck McGhinnis)

Our next adventure will be hosting visitors after the Jackson Creek Christmas Cruise.

Originally published by Vera England on 7 December 2010. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from http://deltavilleva.com/museumpark/ to http://deltavillemuseum.com/

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