Visit with a Crockett Crew Member from the 1940s


Visit with Wallace Smith, 81, who worked for long time captain Purdy Green.


Wallace, nicknamed “Duck,” is Purdy’s cousin–as well as the son of one of the builders, John Franklin Smith. Along with some more of his cousins, he visited the Deltaville Maritime Museum and was interviewed for this video on the Southside Sentinel. Go to and look for “Remembering the Crockett” in the video archives.


Duck and his relatives were full of information about the museum exhibits. He had plenty of stories to tell about how he worked on the boat one year when he was 17. Tired of school, he asked if he could help his uncle oystering — and soon decided that school wasn’t so bad after all.


It was wonderful having Wallace Smith come to see the Crockett. We welcome visitors who knew and loved the Crockett in its earlier years and would love to hear your stories.

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