Going Home to Poquoson; Meeting the Crockett “Family” at the Workboat Races 2010

The second voyage of 2010 took the F.D. Crockett back to her birthplace to lead the parade for the Poquoson Seafood Festival Workboat Races on October 10.

We left Deltaville to fanfare from visitors at our own Holly Point Art and Seafood Festival on a perfect Saturday, and arrived to a wonderful welcome from our hosts at the Poquoson Yacht Club …











… which included the “Pin of the City,” a cocktail party, luxurious accommodations in an on-site motor home, and a bountiful breakfast the next morning.











The Crockett rested peacefully in her home waters once again.


The morning of the Workboat Races we were prepared to receive a few visitors, but what we did not expect was the “Family Reunion” that was centered around the much loved F.D. Crockett. Descendants of the first owner, Ferdinand DeSota Crockett, of the builders, Alexander Gaines and John and Kirby Smith, and members of Captain Purdy Green’s family came with children and grandchildren and great grand-children to walk aboard the boat. In the bustle and excitement of the morning, we got names and pictures and lots of confusion as to who went with which. Please contact the museum to get us straight or to add any information.

As a result of the overwhelming response to the boat, the Deltaville Maritime Museum will be hosting a covered-dish “F.D. Crockett Family” Picnic on the afternoon of Sunday, April 10, 2011 at Holly Point Nature Park to give those who have long-time connections to the boat the opportunity to visit the restored F.D. Crockett.

The Museum is making plans for a formal dedication of the F.D. Crockett on the weekend of May 7, 2011.

Among the visitors:

Tim Green, great nephew of Purdy Green, came by with his family.











Shirley Ann Witt, granddaughter of Alex Gaines









Douglas Crockett with Dustin and Corey









Kathy Gaines Sanders and her cousin James T. Gaines









Archie White, long time friend of the Crockett











Alberta Flowers, grand-daughter of Ferdinand DeSota Crockett









Standing proudly with the crew of the Crockett

















James Gaines with more of his family









F.D. Crockett’s grandson, Wayland Crockett, Alberta Flower’s brother










We were privileged to have Captain David Rollins of Poquoson, who in past years had led the workboat parade as owner of the buyboat East Hampton, on board to help judge the races. Among the sights was a log canoe built by Dave’s father, sailed by his brother to introduce the festivities.










By the time the races started, we were too busy watching to take pictures, but we did see some gorgeous workboats before the action started.























The next morning, the crew of the F.D. Crockett was ready to depart at sunrise for the trip back to Deltaville.









She backed out of the yacht club as the sky was bright enough to see the multitude of day markers that lined the channel out of the Back River









We met the Misty Virginia on the way,









as we headed out into the Bay for our return home to Deltaville.









Originally published by Vera England on 24 February 2011. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from http://deltavilleva.com/museumpark/ to http://deltavillemuseum.com/

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