Back at the Railway, Spring 2011

Getting ready for the dance

The long winter seems to be dragging on, but the F.D. Crockett has finally made it back to the railway to get ready for her May 7 Dedication at Deltaville Boatyard and Marina. ( Please come!) The guys also want her to be in tip-top shape for the “F.D. Crockett Family” Reunion on April 10. We have Gaines, Crocketts, Greens, and Smiths coming, and it looks like most of them are all related to each other as well as to the boat! (For more on the Smith family of boat builders, who helped Alex Gaines build the F.D. Crockett, see Tim Smith’s Facebook page on Smith ‘s Marine Railway

There’s a lot of work to get ready for the Crockett’s “big dance.” John has been working on the hatches in the warmth of his shop this winter, and they will be an addition to the boat. Right now they are working on the annual maintenance, and fixing those things that they didn’t like the first time. However, finishing up the interior of the boat still lies ahead. Is a boat ever “finished?”











The boat got hauled March 18 onto the railway next to the “Miss Ann.” We have these pictures compliments of Crocketteer Johnny McQueen.











Fred’s cleaning up the hull.

The boat has been plagued with a persistent leak since the hull was restored–after two years, John’s finally decided that more cotton and caulk is not the answer. He and Gordon (notice the tan: he and the most of the other Crocketteers headed south for the winter) took the offending section out and are getting ready to re-chunk the opening.











Some big hunks of wood are added in– they’re using some brute force like their earlier counterparts.

But it’s secured with modern epoxy rather than tar. What other techniques would the Smiths have used over the years?






























Then it’s down to the business of cleaning out and filling seams.

This late March weather isn’t speeding things along. Let’s hope for a sunny April.

Originally published by Vera England on 30 Mar 2011. Published on WordPress after The Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park moved from to

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