A Day to Celebrate

The crew of the F.D. Crockett watch as  John England, the project manager of the restoration of the the F.D. Crockett, dedicates the vessel  to the boat builders and watermen of the Chesapeake Bay and the families who keep their history alive.

Then they have a little fun as they watch Alberta Flowers, granddaughter of F.D. Crockett, and Vera England, John’s wife, re-christen the boat.  The champagne bottle requires several swings!


 Then the extended family of the F.D. Crockett, Crocketts, Gaines and Greens, gathered for a  family portrait with the boat.  Betty Green Radwan spoke for all the families in describing how much they all cherished the boat which had been an integral part of their families’  lives for  so many years. She and Alberta Flowers, who was born the year the boat was built,  had both played on the boat as children.

See the Southside Sentinel for a complete article about the dedication. http://www.ssentinel.com/index.php/community/article/accolades_given_to_fd_crockett_volunteers/

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