Determination and Debris

Fire and Floods don’t deter the fish fry!

Fire–Fish– and Flood!!! Nothing stops Billz Bistro’s Crew!!! In the shadow of the debris from the fire, with grounds flooded by the 4 inches of rain last night, the Bistro Crew cooked up their own storm.

The Fish Fry is meant to celebrate the families of the Family Boatbuilding Week as they race their completed boats and rejoice in their accomplishments–however, this time they had lost their boats and all their tools–but as one family said–they had the memories of what they had accomplished together that week.  They were joined by people from all over Middlesex County who came to support the museum.

It was particularly touching to see how many people came throughout the day  and said–we’ve just come to give a donation.  What generosity we saw today!! We know that the support of this community will help us rebuild. We look forward to seeing you all at the Farmer’s Market and Concert next weekend.

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A Message from Bill Powell, Museum Events Coordinator:

Friends of the Museum,

By now, I am sure you all know about the loss by fire of the Museum building and Events Pavilion.

Just want to make sure you all know that we will rebuild, bigger and better, and, that all scheduled 2012 events will continue as planned.

We will forge on!!!

The torrential rains this past Saturday moved off just in time for an intrepid group of Bistrobunchers to man the pumps and pull off a tremendously successful scheduled Fish Fry from 11:30-1 this past Saturday.

The rains returned at 2pm, just as we finished up the cleanup.

Farmer’s Market and Groovin’ with B. J. Leiderman will continue next Saturday, July 28th, as planned.

The Waterfront Park facilities, Boat shop, Oar House, Bistro and Classroom are all operational.

The Museum temporary office should be online Monday, July 23, thanks to Usry, Inc., Wes Mallory, and our tremendously dedicated office manager, David Moran.


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