Message from the Museum

Command Central for the museum is an office trailer donated by Usry.

The Deltaville Maritime Museum would like to thank the hundreds of people who have contacted us over the past couple of days to show their support.  The response has been overwhelming and we are humbled by the outpouring of love.

The Museum Building, several one-of-kind historical artifacts and exhibits and our outdoor Exhibit Pavillion were completely destroyed in a dreadful fire on Wednesday, July 18. Luckily, no one was hurt or injured and we are truly thankful for this.  How the fire began is still a mystery but the museum is working with County and State officials to determine the cause.

The Museum intends to move forward and produce all of its scheduled 2012 outdoor events  including the Farmer’s Markets, Arts and Seafood Festival, Groovin’ in the Park concert series, Halloween Haunted Trail and others.

More than ever, the Deltaville Maritime Museum needs your help.

The Deltaville Maritime Museum is run completely on contributions and donations from our loyal members and community supporters.

We welcome any support you can offer and monetary donations are, no doubt, needed at this time.

We have also received numerous  offers of physical assistance. Your help will be invaluable with so many aspects of recovery, especially as we learn  the specifics of what needs to be done. If you would like to volunteer your assistance, please email the museum with your contact information and your areas of skill and interest.  There will be many jobs to do but not all of them need to be done right now.  We would love to be able to contact you when we can be specific with our needs.

Please contact:

Deltaville Maritime Museum, P.O. Box 466, Deltaville, VA 23043                     804-776-7200                   

Memberships and general donations can be made by cash, check or PayPal.

Checks may be made out to: Deltaville Maritime Museum                                                  and mailed to:                 P.O. Box 466, Deltaville, VA 23043

The new office will be operational this week.

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