Surveying the Damage

Click on the first picture for a slide show—

These pictures are by Marge Goettle, who is in charge of the John A. Coe Library.  At some point in the future she will need help to salvage the many scrapbooks of the museum’s own history. The damage is overwhelming, but so many people are moving forward. Help will be needed, even if not right at this minute.  If you wish to volunteer to help, please email the museum with your contact information and the area in which you feel you can help (Library, office support, clean-up, grounds–you can be creative in your suggestions). Phones are working, but the office is overwhelmed with setting up new equipment–we had a donation of a new printer to help David Moran get started and they are working on setting up a used computer to get systems online.

Contact:    Deltaville Maritime Museum,  P.O. Box 466,  Deltaville, VA  23043                      804-776-7200                        

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