Almost Ready to Cruise the Chesapeake

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John paints the name on the stern three days before our departure for the Buyboat Reunion Tour.

Gordon gives John some helpful suggestions.

We’ve been getting the F.D. Crockett ready for another voyage.  So, in all the hustle and bustle of the Museum’s monthly Farmer’s Market, I slipped away and washed windows on the F.D. Crockett.  John and the guys have been too busy to take pictures of their work ( John’s excuse–if we’re doing it, how can we take pictures of it? I guess he’s got a point), but they have added shelves and hooks to the galley, redone the windows, enlisted someone (ahem) to make curtains for the pilot house so the captain and his wife can sleep in it, AND added a head (with an interesting setup–keeping it a  workboat and saving the good space to show off the logs was not easy.) Thanks to wonderful donors Prewitt and Beth Scripps, we have beautiful new cushions to sleep on. Painting is always part of the program, and has included new lettering on both the stern and bow, thanks to stencils by Kaptain Krunch.  But with all the overwhelming-ness of the fire, it’s been difficult to concentrate on getting shipshape. We are scurrying now.

The pilot house has new cushions and curtains.

But ready or not, bright and early on Wednesday morning, August 1, we’re taking off for the Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Homecoming Tour   with our first stop at Milton Park’s marina on Tangier Island. We’ll depart Tangier Friday morning, August 3 for Crisfield, where we will celebrate the Buyboat Reunion & Homecoming–sounds like Crisfield has some festivities planned. Sunday morning August 5 we’ll leave for Calvert Maritime Museum in Solomon’s Island, where where the F.D. Crockett will be reunited with the only other two remaining log buyboats on the bay, Calvert’s William B.Tennison, which is a converted bugeye, and the Old Point, which was built for power and was restored by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. We’ll stay until Tuesday morning.    The boats will then head to the Annapolis Maritme Museum and the upper bay on August 7. We’ll be open for tours on the 8th and on  August 9 we go to the Chester River to stay in Langford Creek,  and on the 10th we visit Chestertown and overnight at Rolf’s Wharf. For the weekend we’ll head to the Pirates’ Celebration at Rock Hall Monday morning August 13 we’ll either head home or head to Baltimore for a few days (if we are still ready for adventure–I’ll bet that depends on the weather!)

The Deltaville Maritime Museum burned down, and with it some of our treasures.  But the museum still exists-what’s important are the parts of the  museum we’ll carry with us: what the Boat Shop guys have going on under their workshed (they’ve already cut the boat models for next June’s First Grade Field Trip); what goes on in  our  programs, our events,  and our beautiful park; and what has happened and is happening in the  F.D.Crockett’s wonderful restoration–our living history. So the Deltaville Maritime Museum will see you on the Chesapeake–we’re still alive and well and ready to have you visit us.

For more information about the Reunion Tour, go to the Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Association’s website:

The F.D.Crockett at the 2012 Cape Charles Buyboat Reunion

F.D. Crockett 2012 Cruise Schedule-Buyboat Reunion Tour

 (Schedule may be adjusted for weather, time underway, and unforeseen circumstances .)

(1)   Tangier Island , VA.  August 1-3  Dock at Parks Marina. Boats from the Northern and Southern Fleets will gather prior to going to Crisfield. Arrive on August 1st, underway morning of August 3rd.

(2) Crisfield, MD. August 3-5 Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Homecoming   Schedule of events:                                                                                                                Friday, August 3- Arrive at Somers Cove Marina.                                              Saturday, August 4 –  10am to 4pm open boats to public, 12 noon to 4pm public crab feast                                                                                                                          Sunday, August 5,  Depart after breakfast at J Millard Tawes Historical Museum 

 (3) Solomons Island,MD,  August 5 – 7  Includes reunion of the 3 remaining log Buyboats at Calvert Marine Museum Home port of the log buyboat William B. Tennison

(4) Annapolis, MD,  August 7 –  9  Dock at the Annapolis Maritine Museum. Boats open to the public for tours on the 8th.

(5) Chester River, MD August 9 – 11                                                                             August 9 overnight  on the East Fork of Langford Creek at the home port of the East Hampton                                                                                                           August 10 – Buyboats will  tour Chestertown, MD                                               August 11  Overnight at Rolph’s Wharf  Marina the home port of the Oyster Buyboat Thomas J

(6) Rock Hall,  MD  August 11 – 12 Pirate’s Weekend. Festivities abound for the entire weekend. Home port of the  P.E. Pruitt

 (7) Baltimore,  MD  August 13   Dock at  Living Classrooms   OR           Underway for home ports if not going to Baltimore. 

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