Off Voyaging

Voyage Sunrise

The sun rises over the bay during a voyage aboard the F.D. Crockett

Now, it’s not likely that we’ll get underway in time to see too many of these sunrises on this particular voyage. (This picture is from October in Poquoson 2010.) First of all, the humidity will be a “little” higher.  Then, herding 12 or 13 or more huge buyboat “cats” will be an interesting job for the Fleet Commanders, and we’re more likely to consider “early” as 9:00 am. But we can dream of rose and golden skies and bacon sizzling on the electric frypan while underway in the early morning. A Tangier breakfast like Cindy Lou Wheatley can cook.  And you can dream with us.  We’ll show you the realities when we get back.  We elected last night not to take a computer to keep you updated–we’re going to enjoy the trip and see you when we get back in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, we’ve been dealing with the realities of the fire as we have been loading the boat.  Water-check; food-check; bedding-check;  travel displays—- nope; t-shirts and merchandise for sale—-nope; museum information—–nope; our pink pig for the bow (the Crockett once carried pigs as cargo up the Pagan River to Smithfield-there was evidence of the pens in the hold.)——nope. It’s the way the little losses add up that get you. We’ve made some quick replacements this week, but it could be overwhelming if you thought about it. But that’s where everyone is, throughout the museum. So they stay busy.

We’re off on our voyage tomorrow, staying at former buyboat captain Milton Parks’ marina on Tangier for a couple of nights, then heading to Crisfield in parade with some of the other boats. Check out for more information about the festivities. The Crockett is in a commercial!

Buyboats gather in Urbanna 2009

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